Prior to the 1950's many local cemeteries did not have regular maintenance and often were overgrown with grass and weeds. The Washington State Legislature created laws to provide for local cemetery districts that would manage and maintain the cemeteries.

A cemetery district organized under Washington State Laws has the power to acquire, establish, maintain, manage, improve and operate cemeteries and conduct any and all of the businesses of a cemetery as defined by Washington State Law. A board of commissioners composed of three members manages the affairs of the cemetery district. The Commissioners are elected to six-year terms. Cemetery districts are supported by tax levies, other local taxes and the sale of lots. Seven different cemetery districts are located in Cowlitz County.

Cowlitz County Cemetery District #2 is comprised of Frank Abel, Lone Pine, Kerns-Bozorth and Yale Cemeteries along the Lewis River valley near Woodland, WA. It was formed October 11, 1955. Cemetery District offices are located at the Frank Abel Cemetery. Cemetery Commissioners meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

Cemeteries are places for people to find comfort, and Cowlitz County Cemetery District #2 is committed to provide and maintain such a place.